New Skin Booter

#Facial skin is luscious, without wrinkles, shine with Skin Booster Innovative combination of factors for healthy skin. Your skin will receive a boost of nutrients, minerals, including antioxidants. Make your skin .. ✔ Reduce the dryness of the skin ✔ Increase firmness and smoothness of the skin. ✔ Reduce water loss of the skin layer. Maintain moisture ✔ Retains moisture for longer than other HA on the market. Skin Booster, a recovery aid #Skin Who is suitable for? ✔ People with dry, dehydrated skin ✔ People with large pores Or have wrinkles on the neck, back, hands, chest ✔ Want to fill the tear ducts ✔ Want to reduce acne scars ✔ Do not want to change the face shape But want to get bright and glowing skin What areas can the Skin Booster be used on? - Forehead: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles. And make the skin look smoother - Eye area: reduce dark circles under the eyes And wrinkles around the eyes - Around the face: reduces the appearance of small wrinkles. And make the skin look smooth More youthful - Acne scars: make acne scars appear shallower. - Around the lips: reduce wrinkles And make the skin smoother and firmer - Hand: reduce wrinkles And make the skin smooth It is more hydrated and firm. The result Most patients will see results immediately after treatment. In case you want to inject a skin booster to treat acne scars Or tear ducts - the condition of dry, dehydrated, dry or dull skin will gradually improve within 2-3 days. Effect can last for 1-2 months.


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